Ever since I’ve been involved in the Web, I’ve been fascinated by little things that make a big impact. It’s one of the reasons why I started collecting and blogging about these details, which could in some way help others grow an audience. One recurring topic early on was launch and landing pages and the strategies that creators use to expand the reach of their websites, which led to a Smashing Magazine post titled “Elements of a Viral Launch Page.”

Another interesting recurring topic is the campaign page, which you’ll find either embedded in an existing website (Foursquare’s Game of Cones and Dropbox’s Great Space Race) or as a completely independent website (Iubenda’s Orwell Test) that redirects traffic back to the source. Such campaigns have varying goals, such as to drive traffic, to raise awareness or simply to get a single person’s attention.

The website of Crockett and Jones is one such example. The English company has been handcrafting fine shoes since 1876, and its website undoubtedly reflects this wonderful heritage through both its imagery and type. The name style appears on each page, and the individual letterforms echo the decorative style of Victorian design. Microsoft Georgia is used sensitively for body text to complement the name style and to reinforce the sense of heritage, quality, style and attention to detail.



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December 4, 2013



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