Design Approach

Standard Design Process


When your design is not adaptable to modern media, does not represent your current business, was a do-it yourself project or is not as appealing as your competitors then a refreshing new design is required.

BRIEF ANALYSIS, CONCEPT AND RECOMMENDATIONS. Begins with a discussion with the client and review of design brief, visual design audit, concept exploration and development.

VISUAL REFINEMENT. Mockups and client feedback.

IMPLEMENT. Final detail on the design with branding guidance and implement the design for necessary output in all media (print and web).


Professional Branding Process


Focus on communication consistency and implement a professional brand image. Research is crucial to developing a strong brand, no project can proceed through any stage of a professional branding process successfully without full detailed feedback. The goal is to involve our clients as much as possible in order to receive an outcome where both parties are on the same page.

ANALYSIS, POSITIONING AND RECOMMENDATIONS. Review design brief, visual design audit, research, targeting, positioning, sketching, concept exploration, visual exploration, idea testing.

DEVELOPMENT IDENTITY. Concept development, visual development, visual style, mockups, client feedback.

REFINE AND IMPLEMENT. Visual refinement, detail perfecting, branding guidance (size, colour, typeface, stationery)


How much does a professional logo design cost?

Designers use different methods to determine the cost for developing a logo which can be confusing when comparing quotes for a project. To ensure your comparing apples with apples ask each designer about their design process, experience and view past work.

An honest mistake by anyone requiring a logo design is the idea more concepts must be better for me as I have more to choose from, this is far from the truth. If a designer has a detailed brief and done extensive research then quality over quantity will prevail.

How different are the concepts, this could mean a different colour or typeface.
What’s missing in the brief to require more concepts?
On average no more then 4 concepts is sufficient.

Do not always focus on the lowest prices advertised for custom logo design. If you value your time and care for quality, ask a professional! As the designer of your project we communicate directly with you from start to finish with no secondary consultant or salesman squeezed in the middle.

Because we produce in house we avoid the risk of not knowing if you receive original work, clipart reused many times, or design copied from another source. Minio Design takes full responsibility for the originality of the work created.

For over a decade we have satisfied clients with high quality custom logo design.