Beware Cheap Logo Design

Ever wondered why logo design costs are vastly different when you look online? Logo Design being the number one design job that does not seem to be consistent and is overwhelming with available people to design you a logo. Even trying to find a professional logo designer via Google search is an absolute mine field.

Why? Because, everybody SAYS they are a professional logo designer. Many of the self-proclaimed "professional logo design" businesses that you find online are logo farms with a sales quantity focus operation that pull you in with a great price. Search engines especially don't give great results based on professionalism or quality, the search is rather defined by which businesses are experts in search engine manipulation.

So What is a Professional Logo Designer Anyway?

One should have a well thought out logo design process.

Through this process, they will take the time to understand the requirements of a business and design a logo that effectively communicates the desired message to the target market.

They should also understand and be educated in the principles of good logo design.

(search engines don't base results on the above).

Offers like "unlimited concepts", "unlimited revisions", "money back guarantee" or "finished designs within 24hrs" are warning signs that they are pitching you, just like a door salesman . Other ways of selling is to present a range of fancy sounding package options with names like "Gold", "Elite", and "Ultra". The deals always seem too good to be true. While the deals may sound appealing to some, the likely-hood of these companies pulling off a professional logo design is very slim. Why? Well, it is all in their process, or lack there of to be exact. Now, I am sure that some of these companies do acceptable work, especially if they have their own close-nit team of freelancers. However, it is a growing trend for many (no matter what size or location the business operation is) to outsource their work to developing countries, and that is when quality usually goes out the door.

Here is how some cheap offers work.

The designer/design studio/online logo firm will take the client's upfront fee and have them complete a logo design brief (or the client has supplied one already). This brief is then forwarded to one of their "design partners" or get freelancers to compete for the work overseas (e.g India or the Philippines) – whichever is cheaper at the time. The design work is then slapped together by someone who is likely to be getting paid $3 an hour, if they are lucky.

He/she will have little experience, no formal training or qualifications, no understanding of the business and target market or culture that the logo is being designed for. The legal issues with the design are a higher risk, but that is another discussion.   The design/s  are then presented back to the client from the business /designer/design studio or online logo business you supposedly thought was doing the design.

There is nothing wrong with this type of design production as may large studios send work to freelancers, plus overseas talent could be of equal if not better than here in Australia. If you work directly with the designer and know where its designed from there's no problem. The problem comes in when you are not aware the business /designer/design studio or online logo businesses charge normal design fees (or become a price war with others) and then outsource the work to any freelancer willing to work for peanuts.

That is NOT professional logo design but rather a cheap sub standard design process that gives the public the impression that its normal within the design industry for cheap and nasty logo design to exist.

No professional studio or freelancer can sustain a logo design price for under $100 unless they subject themselves to the above operations. Ensure your comparing apples with apples and know exactly where your logo design is being designed?


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