File Setup

• Standard bleed requirements are 3 mm on all edges (5 mm for booklets)


• Type is within a minimum of 2mm from edge to allow for movement in trimming


• Artwork to be supplied as PDF (save as PDF 1.3 compatible). Conversion fees may apply if any other file format is supplied


• Colours are CMYK or greyscale (no RGB, Pantone or spot colours unless PMS are required as part of print production)


• We recommend solid black areas as rich black rather than just 100% black, a breakdown for rich black is 40-40-40-100.


• All fonts/text are embedded or converted to curves/paths/outlines.


• All transparency effects are flattened


• Overprints are set correctly for desired result


• All colour profiles are removed


• Images for print items that are not large banners require a resolution of no less than 300 dpi for optimal quality. Banners require a resolution of no less then 150 dpi.


• Registration marks, keylines, dielines and other non-printing items are removed


• Please ensure crop/trim marks are positioned outside bleed area


• Microsoft suite files (word, powerpoint etc) are programs were the final output often doesn’t look like the original. Files created from these programs require prepress editing to prepare for commercial printing. Conversion fees will apply if these files are supplied.

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